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Maintenance & Services

RailWorks perform ongoing maintenance as well as capital projects for the FWWR. 

PNR RailWorks performs daily track and signal maintenance on 95 miles of GO Transit track throughout Ontario Canada.

The RailWorker®, a turnkey service featuring a hi-rail excavator with a trained operator, worked in conjunction with BNSF crews to perform rehabilitation and maintenance work on the line near Stevens Pass.

RailWorks provides a full-time, routine maintenance program for Verso Paper facility in Jay, ME. A dedicated, four-person RailWorks crew performs year-round preventative maintenance and capital improvement work.

RailWorks has worked closely with Lafarge North America over the past 10 years to implement a preventive maintenance program, including track inspection, maintenance and capital improvement needs for the past 10 years.

RailWorks worked throughout Kettle Falls International Railway to expand its capacity and to bring it up to FRA operating standards. Formerly part of BNSF, the line operates in northeastern Washington and southeastern British Columbia.