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PA/CIS Canarsie

Completed in conjunction with the Canarise CBTC project, L.K. Comstock modernized the customer information communications system on 24 stations on NYCT's Canarsie line.
Project Highlights 
  • Installed new or upgraded PA/CIS technology
  • New systems interface with new CBTC system
New York, New York
Business Unit 
L.K. Comstock & Company
Project Description 

L.K. Comstock modernized the passenger information communication system on the 24 stations of NYCT’s Canarsie line.

Project Scope 

The $13.8 million PA/CIS (public address/customer information signs) Canarsie project modernized the passenger information communication system on the Canarsie line, which interfaces with the new communication-based train control (CBTC) system. L.K. Comstock installed both systems on the Canarsie line.

L.K. Comstock installed new or upgraded existing PA/CIS (public address/customer information screen) technology featuring fully supervised passenger station public address and customer information system components. This system also features a collection of data transmission systems for announcements, messages, diagnostics and management. This new functionality provides the capability of originating public address announcements from either NYCT’s Rail Control Center (RCC) or at the local station.

L.K. Comstock successfully completed the project in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Other Participants 
Equipment: ARINC