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Make the smart choice. Choose NARSTCO steel.

NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets are the cost-effective and sustainable choice for efficient, profitable, and consistent track operations.

The Steel Advantage

No two track systems are the same, but all of them – from Class I to commercial/industrial – can benefit from NARSTCO steel’s strength and reliability. From daily wear to derailments, steel proves resilient and repairable. This stability is a benefit to whole track systems, which means safer, more consistent operations every day.

Our products boast an expected 50-year lifespan, which reduces steel’s lifetime cost far below most alternatives – many of which require costly disposal at the end of their service cycle. 


Economical & Sustainable

At the end of their life cycle, steel ties can be recycled as scrap or repaired and returned to normal service – none of the effort- and resource-intensive disposal you’d experience with market alternatives. And thanks to its longevity of use, steel is one of the most sustainable choices for tie and turnout construction available today. In a market where eco-friendly strategies are becoming more important, NARSTCO steel ties stand apart as a 100% recyclable, LEED-certified track option.

Even More Benefits

The advantages keep coming. With NARSTCO steel ties, you have the tools to create more profitable and efficient rail systems. Other benefits include:

  • Made in the USA in NARSTCO fabrication facilities
  • Superior gauge retention – can replace gauge rods!
  • Required ballast reduced by as much as 40 percent
  • Minimal deterioration from weather, insects, and bacteria
  • Low profile and can be encased or covered
  • Proven stability and derailment survivability
  • Excellent lateral load resistance with a track modulus similar to hardwood ties
  • No plate cutting or spike kill


With more than two decades of experience providing high-grade steel products to track and rail operations, NARSTCO is among the most trusted names in the North American track industry. Our team has earned a reputation for excellence by understanding the critical needs of today’s Class I railroads, short line railroads, and industrial rail plants.