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RailWorks Corporation (Headquarters)
5 Penn Plaza
15th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 502-7900

Employment and Human Resources

Accounts Payable Inquiries
(855) 299-6355

Matt Rossing
(763) 428-5379

Transit Signal and Communications Systems/Track and Systems Construction
Jason Lauffer
Chief Strategy Officer, RailWorks Corp.
(412) 480-9670

Sales - Track Services, Maintenance of Way - United States and Canada
Jack I. Wilson
Vice President, Sales

Signals & Communications - Transit and Freight - Canada
Arash Barzegar
(647) 390-7578

Signals & Communications - Freight - United States
Tim Orlandi
(904) 296-5055

NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnouts
Matt Violin
(972) 809-6955

Media Relations
Amanda Fiorante
(516) 269-1778