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PNR RailWorks Completes Exhibition GO Project with Zero Safety Incidents


PNR RailWorks – Eastern Region has successfully completed a GO Transit project with zero safety incidents, a huge accomplishment for the team.

The project, which took place during four separate weekend work blocks, included track, signals & communications and civil work. All work was done at the Exhibition GO station in Toronto with live train service on adjacent tracks. To ensure the safety of the crew and pedestrians, PNR RailWorks prepared extensive pedestrian routing plans prior to the start of each work block.

Upon job completion, PNR RailWorks had installed 7,476 feet of rail, installed 3,528 concrete ties, placed 6,400 metric tons of ballast and completed 136 welds. This project was the largest track replacement that PNR RailWorks – Eastern Region and the Metrolinx Corridor Maintenance group ever accomplished in weekend work blocks.

Congratulations to PNR RailWorks on a successful project!