RailWorks Breaks Ground in City of Rochelle, IL

The City of Rochelle in Illinois broke ground in August on an expansion of the City of Rochelle Railroad, including a double track transloading rail yard project by RailWorks.

The 12-mile City of Rochelle Rail (CIR) dual-rail system connects local industries to two Class I railroads -- Union Pacific and BNSF. The municipality-owned system has been in service since 1986.

Other components of the rail extension project include a four-track rail bridge over John’s Creek and the three track rail extension.

"RailWorks is proud to be a part of the revitalization of the City of Rochelle’s rail infrastructure and its ability to boost this area’s industrial sector. The railroad is a key part of the success of the city and the region, and RailWorks is happy to be a part of that," said Tom Jorczak, area manager for RailWorks.