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RailWorks Reinforces Commitment to Safety During Construction Safety Week


In the time of COVID-19, safety has taken on a whole new meaning for the rail industry. At RailWorks, safety is always priority number one, but the RailWorks family of companies reserved time in September for Construction Industry Safety Week to reinforce key messages and emphasize our commitment.

“This week is an annual celebration of our safety achievements and promotes a heightened interaction between RailWorks management and our workforce,” said Greg Coleman, RailWorks HSE Director. “This interaction reinforces RailWorks’ commitment to the safety of our greatest assets – the RailWorks employees."

This year’s Safety Week theme was “Built On Safety.” RailWorks crews around North America expanded on that idea with daily relevant Toolbox Talks to educate and highlight current challenges. Some of those included were COVID-19 protocols, Line-of-Fire safety and the new RailWorks vehicle safety initiative. During the week, many offices took the opportunity to conduct site safety audits with management, present hands-on tool and equipment training, and hold vendor safety presentations.

The company used the week as an opportunity to recognize and reward employees for their contributions to our safety mission. This included RailWorks-branded giveaways and meals for the crews, among others.

“RailWorks’ 2020 Safety Week was the most successful to date. The commitment to safety requires efforts from all our employees, whether they are in the office, working from home, or are in the field. Our Safety Week activities reflect that commitment,” Coleman said. “The week was impressive considering it was accomplished despite the constant challenges of the current pandemic.”