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Greater Cleveland RTA Crossing Rehabilitation

Project Highlights

  • Reconstructed four, double-track crossings
  • Installed 990 feet of heavy-duty crossing panels
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA)
Shaker Heights, Ohio

RailWorks completed a $1.8 million project to reconstruct four, double-track crossings for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The project, completed between April and July of 2010, involved the light rail system's Blue and Green lines. It called for seven, 56-hour outages to remove and replace the track structure and to install new under-drains, curbing, curb ramps, sidewalks and asphalt paving approaches to the new crossings.

RailWorks installed a total of 990 feet of Oldcastle Precast's StarTrack® II heavy duty crossing panels with new 115#RE welded rail to complete the new track and crossing work.

During the first 56-hour outage at the initial crossing, RailWorks replaced both the crossing and about 130 feet of approach track, including new restraining rails. Twenty-four workers – two crews by day and two by night – were able to complete the work and return the tracks to service on time.

Two of the three remaining crossings were reconstructed one side at a time per weekend, with time during the week allowing for completion of the general civil work for the roads and sidewalks. These crossings are tangent, each 140 feet in length.

At the final site, each crossing is just over 127 feet long and in a curve.

Unique Features

The location of each crossing in the middle of an intersection proved challenging. As crews worked, vehicle traffic continued along both sides of the tracks. In addition, work sites had very little room for staging materials and contractors, so schedules were closely coordinated between the GCRTA, RailWorks, the subcontractors and suppliers.

The crossings had unique obstacles. At the first, both tracks were in 17 degree curves, adding an extra twist to the tight, 56-hour work window. At two others, RailWorks needed a method for installing 17'6", 21,500-lb. crossing panels. With overhead catenaries in the way, conventional cranes were quickly ruled out. RailWorks retained Hulcher Services with side-boom dozers to unload and place these massive pre-cast concrete panels.