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NuStar Energy Terminal Offloading Facility

NuStar Energy
St. James, Louisiana
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RailWorks constructed track and turnouts for a large terminal offloading facility in Louisiana designed to facilitate the movement and storage of crude oil from shale production.

EOG Resources and NuStar Energy co-own the new facility at NuStar’s terminal in St. James Parish, said to be one of the largest unloading racks in the area, located midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The terminal meets up with pipelines, both on- and offshore. It already had rail access, along with truck and marine, but RailWorks’ efforts increased oil offloading capacity as much as sevenfold.

As a subcontractor to Strobel Starostka Construction, RailWorks installed 39,000 feet of track and 17 #11 turnouts. The added track allows the terminal to receive at least one train daily with 70,000-barrel capacity – up from 10,000 to 12,000 barrels – while another staged train awaits offloading.

With the additional track capacity constructed by RailWorks, the facility can accommodate four trains at a time: one unloading while three other trains are staged on storage tracks.