Palmetto Traction Power Substation

Project Highlights

  • Performed civil, architectural and structural work to construct the traction power substation (TPSS) building
  • Installed the building’s electrical services
  • Installed the communications systems
Parsons (CEI) for Miami-Dade Metro
Miami, Florida
Provided By

L.K. Comstock National Transit provided design-build services to construct a new traction power substation (TPSS) in proximity to the existing Palmetto passenger station on Miami-Dade Metro.

L.K. Comstock was responsible for the civil construction of the TPSS building as well as the required interfaces between the new TPSS and the existing Miami-Dade Metro system.

Project Scope

  • Civil – Site layout plan, soil boring, site survey and duct banks
  • Architectural – Ground floor, roof, and reflective ceiling plans; wall section; doors and window schedule
  • Structural - Foundation and ground floor plans, beam schedules, concrete and masonry details and wind design
  • Electrical – Electrical, lighting protection and grounding, and the traction power system
  • Communications System - SCADA, telephone, CCTV, fire alarm and security systems

Unique Features

The substation provided the additional 750 Volts Direct Current (VDC) required for the end of the line and Palmetto Station to handle the 136 Metrorail vehicles put into operation on Miami-Dade Metro in 2015.