Port of Pasco

Project Highlights

  • Laid 3,200 feet of track
  • Constructed two turnouts
  • Constructed a crossing
  • Built a switch-point derail
Port of Pasco
Pasco, Washington
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RailWorks helped the Port of Pasco uprade rail service to its Big Pasco Industrial Center in northwest Washington.

RailWorks assisted the Port of Pasco in upgrading rail service to its Big Pasco Industrial Center, a 600-acre facility along the Columbia River in northwest Washington. Crews added rail service via a new connection from the east, laying about 2,000 feet of track tying into a lower track, and also constructing a turnout and a crossing. In a separate project, to facilitate future expansion at the port, RailWorks built a crossing, switch-point derail and roughly 1,200 feet of new track. The construction was to serve a grain facility at the port.