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Rayonier Wood Fiber Mill

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 9,500 feet of track
  • Constructed No. 8 switches
Jesup, Georgia
Provided By

RailWorks provided track construction in the spring of 2012 at a Rayonier wood fiber mill in Jesup, Ga.

RailWorks constructed 9,500 feet of track including two No. 8 switches during two project phases in 2012. The crew worked about two months to complete the work.

The Jesup mill is one of two Rayonier facilities that produces “performance fibers” – almost 600,000 metric tons annually. Much of the site’s output is cellulose specialties, derived from wood pulp, that end up in digital display screens, filters, impact resistant plastics and other products. The plant also manufactures absorbent fluff pulp used in products such as disposable diapers and hospital supplies.

CSX and Norfolk Southern bring raw materials to the facility and distribute its products.