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South Carolina’s Inland Port (SCIP)

Project Highlights

  • Build nearly 20,000 feet of track with eight turnouts
  • Constructed three storage tracks
South Carolina’s Inland Port (SCIP)
Greer, South Carolina
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RailWorks constructed the rail infrastructure for what was then one of the United States’ newest inland port facilities.

Crews constructed a new intermodal facility at SCIP in Greer, about 200 miles from the Port of Charleston, the United States’ fourth busiest port. The inland port is among an increasing number of new, waterless inland ports experiencing business growth by relieving congestion from crowded coastal ports.

RailWorks completed work on the $2.5 million project in November 2013, after which SCIP launched its regular service for all ocean carriers and clients. Working as a subcontractor to Ragnar Benson, RailWorks built 19,600 track feet of steel-tie track and eight turnouts. Construction included three storage tracks, used for inbound international cargo transferred by rail from the Port of Charleston to the 100-acre SCIP for further processing. Norfolk Southern serves the inland port.