Tukwila Extension/Boeing Access Road

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 10+ miles of direct-fixation (DF) track
  • Installed two double crossovers and 32 insulated joints
  • Constructed 6,000 track feet of DF on the guideway
Sound Transit
Seattle and Tukwila, Washington
Provided By

RailWorks served as a subcontractor to PCL Construction Services and performed track construction and related services.

RailWorks constructed 10.28 miles of direct fixation track including 2 each double crossovers and 32 field–bonded insulated joints from the Boeing Access Road to the Tukwila light rail extension in Seattle. The Extension from Tukwila to the Port of Seattle property included constructing an additional 3,000 guideway feet (6,000 tf).

Unique Features

The construction environment included an aerial guideway through suburban and industrial areas, crossing the Duwamish River and a BNSF classification yard, and three flash-butt welding sites with limited access.