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L.K. Comstock Accepts First Electric Vehicle to Fleet

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L.K. Comstock, a RailWorks company, has accepted delivery of the first electric vehicle (EV) to their fleet.  A new Ford Lightening will be used by General Foreman, Salvador Martinez in the Southern California region.  This vehicle marks the entry to the EV world for RailWorks. 

Salvador is used to driving about 16,500 miles per year and filling up his gas tank a few times per week.  Now he is looking forward to becoming more efficient in his daily commute to the office and job sites within the region.  Not only will he be reducing his carbon footprint, but Salvador can utilize the charging station at his home to refuel his truck for the next day. 

“RailWorks, and its family of brands, are continuing to implement strategic initiatives for our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) roadmap, said Kevin Riddett, RailWorks CEO.  This vehicle is the beginning of our journey with EVs, and we are looking for other opportunities within our fleet to expand on these benefits.”

RailWorks commitment to responsible corporate citizenship is evident in every aspect of our business.  The key ESG initiatives that have been implemented within the past few years have seen reductions in the C02 emissions and provide consistent savings for the company.  Other programs that make up the ESG roadmap are the Drivers Scorecard, Idling Time Program, and other fleet and equipment investments.  It’s through these key pieces that is helping RailWorks do their part for the environment.

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