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L.K. Comstock National Transit Celebrates Safety Accomplishments


The L.K. Comstock National Transit team achieved a major safety accomplishment on Dec. 7, marking their 1,000th day without an OSHA Recordable Injury.

Additionally, L.K. Comstock National Transit reached 13 years without a Lost Time Accident this year! The team celebrated with an awards ceremony and BBQ last week.

Safety is a top priority at L.K. Comstock National Transit. To achieve this outstanding record, the team took extra precautions to continue to work safely during the pandemic.

“I’m extraordinarily proud of the team for reaching these major safety milestones,” said Bill Heavin, President of L.K. Comstock National Transit. “Safety is instilled in every L.K. Comstock employee from day one, and each team member does their part to uphold our strong safety culture. Thank you all for the hard work!”

L.K. Comstock is one of the United States’ largest transit rail systems specialty electrical contractors, with a legacy of success and accomplishment throughout North America. Founded in 1904, the firm specializes in providing electrical and systems construction services and rail construction services for the transit industry. Learn more about L.K. Comstock here.