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RailWorks Continues to Bring Advanced Track Technology to North America Through a Partnership with One Big Circle


New York, NY (December 6, 2023) – RailWorks, North America’s leading rail maintenance and infrastructure solutions provider, has entered a partnership with One Big Circle to provide their multi-award-winning Automated Intelligent Video Review (AIVR) product line in North America. The agreement supports RailWorks’ commitment to fostering a culture of safety and to the practices that protect the well-being of their employees, contractors, passengers, and the natural world.

In response to the UK challenges in rail safety, maintenance and inspection, One Big Circle created AIVR.  The combined hardware and software of the AIVR system provides digital inspection capability that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable users from multiple rail disciplines to monitor rail environments remotely and safely.  Over the past four years, AIVR has been deployed throughout the UK with key customers including the UK rail’s Infrastructure owner and maintainer, Network Rail, and with over 90 companies in the supply chain accessing the data.

“We are very excited to be partnering with RailWorks to bring AIVR to the North American market when there is an increasing demand for digital capability that advances remote asset and condition monitoring,” said Emily Kent, Co-founder and Director of One Big Circle. “With their wealth of experience and knowledge, RailWorks is a fantastic partner, and we look forward to bringing our combined expertise together to create a big impact on safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

“Our industry is continuously changing, especially when it comes to track inspection and maintenance programs, said Kevin Riddett, RailWorks President and CEO. “This partnership enables One Big Circle and RailWorks to provide an infrastructure solution to the market that exhibits a safe and efficient way to manage those programs.”


About RailWorks Corporation - Founded in 1998, RailWorks Corporation provides track construction, electrical systems construction, maintenance services, and products throughout the United States and Canada for major transit authorities, Class I, short-line railroads, and rail-served commercial and industrial companies. Trusted RailWorks brands include L.K. Comstock, PNR RailWorks, and NARSTCO. For more information, visit

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About One Big Circle - Based at Bristol Temple Meads station in the Southwest of the UK, One Big Circle is a dynamic and diverse team of over 35 working at the forefront of Intelligent Video, AI and Machine Learning within the rail industry. One Big Circle develop Software and Hardware systems in-house, including the award-winning AIVR.  With a broad range of expertise and technical skills, the team works to develop end-to-end systems to meet rail challenges and technological demands, finding optimal methods to deliver effective solutions.  For more information, visit