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Inspection & Maintenance

Proactive service to keep your track exceeding industry standards.
Inspection & Maintenance
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Railroads aren’t like cars. Sure, you can cruise with a busted muffler, but you can’t ‘make do’ with a faulty piece of track. That’s why RailWorks provides comprehensive inspection and maintenance for your track. We fix problems before they become problems – you enjoy smoother, more efficient business.

If your business success relies on a track system, you can’t afford an accident, malfunction or delay. The performance of your track can have a real impact on business, so keeping up with maintenance schedules and ensuring everything is working at the highest level is critical

Decades of experience means we know a thing or two about railroad track maintenance, and even more about industry standards. We offer a comprehensive range of inspection and maintenance services, including:


  • Baseline track inspection
  • Routine track inspection
  • Scheduled maintenance program
  • Emergency response
  • Track geometry testing
  • Track rehabilitation and construction services


All of our services are performed by a qualified track inspector and can be arranged on a routine basis to ensure key maintenance dates are honored. In addition to our on-site maintenance services, RailWorks can also work with clients to develop capital budgets for track infrastructure and evaluate track rehabilitation scenarios.

BC Port Subdivision Maintenance
BC Port Subdivision Maintenance
Port Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Inspection & Maintenance Projects

Westshore Terminals Maintenance

Delta, British Columbia

Our Track Leadership

Richard Carney
Richard Carney
Executive Vice President, Track Construction Services


Our inspection and maintenance efforts reflect our unwavering commitment to safety for all of our contractors, subcontractors, employees and passengers. When it comes to safety, it’s simple: we don’t compromise.


What do you get when you have North America’s most experienced rail contractors working for you? You get the confidence that your track is in the right hands. Our technicians have extensive industry experience, so you can rest assured that all the work they do is up-to-spec and made to last.


You need your rail system to function well today, tomorrow and the next day. We’re here to make that happen. When you partner with RailWorks for inspection and maintenance services, you get an experienced ally for a healthier track system.