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Safety Week 2019 Is a Success


An estimated 2,500-plus RailWorks employees across different business units and dozens of project sites and office locations in the United States and Canada celebrated Safety Week May 6-10.

Various Operations and Safety leaders visited work sites all week. A goal among leaders was to listen well and create an environment for open, productive discussion. Crews used toolbox talks that had often been localized for their area. Some highlights of the week:

•    Managers called on more than 30 welding crews spread across states and provinces. 
•    Maintenance-of-way crews at work across the U.S., who regularly participate in job briefings led by their Class 1 railroad partners, were able to take the lead and create a positive impression as they showcased RailWorks’ safety practices and priorities. 
•    In Quebec, supervisors and foremen shared annual goals and reiterated the actions necessary to ensure the achievement of those goals.
•    National Transit leaders visited L.K. Comstock National Transit employees for extended morning meetings and discussion.
•    A team in the northeastern U.S. solidified buy-in for Safety Week themes when each crew member told relevant stories based on personal experience.
•    In British Columbia, management and operations team members visited different worksites daily, bringing coffee, donuts and muffins. The week culminated in pizza lunches delivered to each worksite. Leaders strongly encouraged peer-to-peer communication and also the sharing of all ideas for worksite safety. 
•    Crews in the company’s Prairie Region, which operates in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, also enjoyed daily breakfast deliveries and closed out the week with pizza. The region focused on safe driving, covering topics such as intersection safety, keeping a safety cushion behind vehicles and doing visual “circle-checks” – walking around large equipment to inspect it.
•    The 90-some employees of the NARSTCO division, makers of steel ties and turnout sets, were motivated as they took time to consider what their safe choices mean to their loved ones. Posters around the manufacturing facilities emphasized this theme.
•    A Tuesday town hall meeting at the Winston, Ga., office featured a productive employee luncheon and discussion about each of the week’s toolbox talk topics.  
•    In metropolitan New York City, crews at work on 21 transit projects on the city’s subway and railroad network celebrated safety with vendor presentations, raffles, luncheons and employee safety awards.

“We had some great feedback from the field about Safety Week,” said Greg Coleman, corporate director of Health, Safety and Environmental. “It was a success across the board.”