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Alton Steel

Project Highlights

  • Removed existing track and 21 turnouts
  • Constructed 3,800 feet of track
  • Installed 24 turnouts
  • Installed grade crossing
Alton Steel
Alton, Illinois
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RailWorks rehabilitated and reconfigured the entire Alton Steel rail yard.

This $2 million, six-month project included removing the existing track and constructing a new yard, track turnouts and crossing. RailWorks dismantled and removed 21 turnouts and 3,300 track feet and was responsible for preparing the project site, including grading, sub-ballast and drainage. RailWorks crews installed 24 turnouts and constructed 3,800 track feet and a crossing.

RailWorks enhanced the track network in the rail yard by constructing another turnout and track exiting the facility to tie into the existing terminal loop track.

Unique Features

Work was extremely challenging to complete while simultaneously maintaining current operations. RailWorks built new track while skipping over existing track. The entire project, including finishing and dressing the new track, was completed in the six-month timeframe while existing operations continued.

Alton Steel, whose main units of production are a melt shop and bar mill, is located 25 miles northeast of St. Louis. It has convenient rail access to Norfolk Southern’s local switching yard as well as the Union Pacific.