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Construction & Rehabilitation

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Construction & Rehabilitation
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No matter the project – whether it’s restoring older track, laying down a new route or installing specialty rail – RailWorks is ready to take on the task. We have successfully completed thousands of railroad construction projects, often in conjunction with live rail operations, for a range of customers across several industries.  

We offer a full range of railroad construction and rehabilitation services to clients anywhere in the US and Canada. Our customers include Class I and regional railroads, industries served by rail, and transportation agencies and authorities. Our work is defined by an unshakeable commitment to quality and an approach to safety that cuts no corners. Trust RailWorks for:


  • New track construction
  • Track take-up and rehabilitation
  • Mechanized rail, surfacing and tie production
  • Panelized turnout and crossover construction and installation
  • Grade crossing and warning device installation
  • Specialty rail installation, such as crane rails and historic sites
  • Track construction equipment and materials
  • Track inspection, emergency repairs and derailment response
Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad
Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad
Savage Industries
Savage Industries
Trenton, North Dakota

Construction & Rehabilitation Projects

Kirk Yard Expansion

Gary, Indiana

Tesoro Crude Oil Unloading Facility

Anacortes, Washington

Our Track Leadership

John Young
John Young
President, Track and Transit Construction
Richard Carney
Richard Carney
Executive Vice President, Track Construction Services


RailWorks is dedicated to safety — no shortcuts, no exceptions. In everything we do, the health and wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and passengers is top priority.

experienced employees on our team.


Rail may have a long history, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still evolving. Here at RailWorks, our experts understand the demands of modern rail systems and how technology can be used to optimize the way your track system functions.


Every project is an investment – put yours in the right hands. When you partner with RailWorks, you’re partnering with North America’s most experienced rail company. That’s not a title we got by accident. Our technicians are experts in the field and are ready to put their years of experience to work for you.