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CN Historic Locomotive Relocation

City of Guelph, Ontario
Guelph, Ontario
Provided By
PNR Railworks

PNR RailWorks relocated the historic CN steam locomotive in Guelph, Ontario.

To make way for a new intermodal transit terminal in Guelph, PNR RailWorks relocated the historic 1940 CN No. 6167 steam locomotive away from the project site.

On June 15, 2010, PNR RailWorks used a gantry crane to lift the 682,950-pound train, allowing a flatbed trailer to drive underneath it. The flatbed transported the train over the tracks on temporary level crossing. The next day PNR RailWorks used the crane to lift the train from the flatbed and place it in its new home near the VIA Rail station and south of nearby Canadian National Railway track.

Unique Features

Hundreds of people lined the railway racks to catch a glimpse of the delicate procedure to relocate the historic locomotive. The towing process took all of 15 minutes to complete.

While in service, Locomotive 6167 made countless trips through Ontario to the Maritimes and back and shuttled soldiers to Halifax during World War II. It came to Guelph in 1967, seven years after it was taken out of service. It has been parked east of the downtown Guelph bus station since 1967 until PNR RailWorks moved it in June 2010 to make way for the new home a few hundred feet away.