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CPR Infrastructure Expansion

Project Highlights

  • In Flaxton, N.D., installing 3 miles of track to extend existing track
  • In New Town, N.D., building just over a mile of passing siding
  • In Max, putting in a mile of track as well as performing rehabilitation work
  • Between Parshall and New Town, rehabilitating 14 miles of main line
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Flaxton, North Dakota
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RailWorks expanded CPR's track infrastructure at four sites in Northwestern North Dakota. The Class I railroad needed additional track capacity to support material deliveries and outbound oil production related to the construction and service of drilling rigs and pipelines to handle the oil boom and development of the Bakken shale oil fields.

RailWorks crews worked at four sites to provide upgrades to handle CPR's additional inbound and outbound rail traffic. In Flaxton, they installed three new sidings, about 1-mile each, to extend the track in CPR’s busy and strategically important yard just south of the US-Canadian border at Portal. Crews built just over a mile of passing siding with two turnouts to connect with the main line in New Town and extended the lead track in the yard. Work in Max involved constructing a 1-mile track to extend the siding east of the existing yard and rehabilitating a half-mile of yard track and three-fourths of a mile of main line track. Between Parshall and New Town, N.D., crews rehabilitated 14 miles of main line. Their work included replacing 14,000 ties as well as grading the adjacent right of way, and undercutting, ballasting and surfacing the track.

The project occurred when CPR, one of two Class I railroads serving North Dakota, was rapidly expanding its rail infrastructure in the region. The railroad was transporting materials for producing and transporting the oil.