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East 180th Street Yard

Project Highlights

  • Installed new ATS-integrated signal system
  • Installed 9,800 feet of ballasted track and 11,000 linear feet of contact rail system
  • Installed communications system
  • Constructed new circuit breaker house and relay room
New York City Transit Authority, part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority
Bronx, New York

L.K. Comstock and RailWorks Transit upgraded New York City Transit Authority (NYCT) East 180th Street Yard. The new signal system and track infrastructure helps improve operating efficiency through the yard, reduce maintenance costs and improve overall customer service.

L.K. Comstock replaced the existing signal equipment and rehabilitated and constructed enclosures for the White Plains Road line, between East 180th Street Station, Bronx Park East and the East 180th Street yard and barn leads. While two busy main lines continued operating. L.K. Comstock replaced the existing signal equipment with a new signal system that is integrated into the automatic train supervision (ATS) system under control of the Rail Control Center (RCC) in Manhattan. The 48-month project was valued at $215.8 million.

Project Scope

  • Electrical – Installed the new ATS-integrated signal system, featuring 124 signals, 99 new stops and 45 track switches and more than a million linear feet of cable
  • Track – Installed 9,800 track feet of ballasted track, 11,000 linear feet of contact rail system, 935 track feet of elevated track, 24 special trackwork portions including 5 diamond crossings, 120 insulated joints and 35 hydraulic bumpers
  • Communications – Besides the new CCTV system, installed intrusion, fire suppression system, emergency alarm and fiber optics systems
  • Civil – Constructed the new circuit breaker house and relay room and upgraded the Unionport tower and signal crew quarters

Unique Features

The project schedule was streamlined from five to four years in duration (pre-bid), making for an aggressive contracting work plan. All work was performed in NYCT's 180th Street Yard while two active main lines continue operating. L.K. Comstock completed the project on time, on budget and without any in-service delays.