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GO Transit Track and Signal Maintenance

Project Highlights

  • Performs daily maintenance on 246 miles of GO Transit track
  • Maintains track, including 5 storage yards
  • Maintains signals and 117 grade crossings
GO Transit
Toronto, Ontario
Provided By
PNR Railworks

PNR RailWorks performs daily inspection and maintenance on signals and track on 240-plus miles of GO Transit track and related property throughout Ontario.

PNR RailWorks crews have performed track inspection and maintenance services for GO Transit since 2001. Crews are imbedded with GO Transit operations staff to perform a range of maintenance duties. All work is performed in conjunction with CN dispatching and train crews while train operations are underway on the rail lines.

PNR RailWorks track crews perform inspection and maintenance services in accordance with CN general operating instructions. Crews collaborate with GO Transit on the status of track and signal infrastructure priorities and advise on longer-term capital expenditures. They also perform snow removal services at 27 platforms during the winter season and coordinate a leaf contamination management program to ensure effective operation of train detection and tractive force equipment.

Project Scope

  • 246 miles of track
  • 117 public crossings
  • 169 switches
  • 5 layover/storage yards
  • 27 platforms