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Inspection & Maintenance

Services to keep your transit system operating smoothly and safely.
Inspection & Maintenance
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A transit agency’s network – from the track to the electrical systems and beyond – needs to work day in and day out. Without proper upkeep, even the most modern systems will begin to suffer delays, malfunctions or worse, accidents. For safe and reliable operations, routine inspections and maintenance are a must. Here at RailWorks, we have a team of transit professionals that understand the demands of transit systems, as well as the demands of local transit authorities. We’re your ally for smoother operations.

With transit systems, even a small issue can have big consequences, and just one late or disabled train can cause widespread delays. Avoiding these situations demands you catch issues before they become issues. All of that starts with a disciplined maintenance effort. Thanks to our experience and commitment to quality, rail system managers trust RailWorks as their comprehensive maintenance partner.


We offer a range of inspection and maintenance services, including:


  • Baseline inspection
  • Routine inspection
  • Scheduled maintenance program
  • Emergency response
  • Track geometry testing
  • Track rehabilitation and construction services
  • Signals & communications maintenance


Our services are all administered by one of our experienced inspectors and maintenance crews and can be arranged on a routine basis to avoid falling behind on service dates. In addition to our on-site maintenance services, RailWorks can also work with clients to develop capital budgets for track infrastructure and evaluate track rehabilitation scenarios.

Metrolinx Inspection + Maintenance
Metrolinx Inspection + Maintenance
Ontario, Canada

Inspection & Maintenance Projects

Our Maintenance Leadership

John Young
John Young
President, Track and Transit Construction
Ben D'Alessandro
Ben D'Alessandro
President, L.K. Comstock & Company LLC. New York Division President, RailWorks Transit LLC.


Your passengers expect to get where they are going safely and without a hitch. That’s why we take an uncompromising approach to transit system safety. No cut corners, no halfways – that’s the RailWorks way.


Our maintenance professionals are experienced with rail systems of all kinds, allowing them to identify issues and take action when necessary. We get to work quickly — you get more uptime, more reliable service and streamlined operations across the board.


In this industry, there’s no room for temporary solutions. A fix that lasts a day isn’t a fix at all, which is why our technicians make certain that the solutions they provide ensure smoother operations tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.