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Imperium Renewables at the Port of Grays Harbor

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 7,500 feet of track
  • Installed five grade crossings
  • Installed 10 turnouts and a diamond crossing
Imperium Renewables at Grays Harbor, LLC
Hoquiam, Washington
Provided By

RailWorks constructed the track infrastructure for the refinery’s rail yard in 2007.

In addition to completing the final rail design and the civil work, RailWorks constructed 7,500-feet of track on concrete ties, including four parallel tracks in the yard, a fifth spur over a containment facility, and a lead track. The project required installing five road crossings, 10 turnouts and a diamond crossing where the lead track crosses the port’s north lead.

RailWorks enhanced the track network in the rail yard by constructing another turnout and track exiting the facility to tie into the existing terminal loop track.

Unique Features

RailWorks completed the project on time even with adverse weather conditions and a compressed schedule.

Seattle-based Imperium Renewables began producing fuel at its Grays Harbor refinery in 2007. The $73-military facility is capable of producing 100 million gallons of biodiesel per year, making it the nation’s largest refinery of biodiesel fuel.