Reliant Energy Keystone Generating Station

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 24,500-foot loop track
  • Installed eight turnouts
  • Installed a rail scale in the unloading facility
R&L Development for Reliant Energy
Shelocta, Pennsylvania
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RailWorks completed a multimillion-dollar project to construct a loop track, turnouts, a rail scale and a limestone unloading pit for the Reliant Energy Keystone Generating Station in Shelocta, Pa.

The Keystone Generating Station, located about 15 miles from Indiana in Shelocta, Pa., is comprised of two 850-megawatt, coal-fired generating units. RailWorks constructed 24,500-foot loop track and eight new turnouts and a rail scale for the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) project at the coal-fired electric generating station. The new track runs through a new limestone unloading/loading building for unloading hopper cars.

Unique Features

RailWorks worked diligently with material suppliers, subcontractors, R&L Development and Shaw Stone & Webster to complete the project on time and within budget.