Union Pacific Livonia Yard Extension

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 27,000 track-feet of 136-lb. CWR on wood ties
  • Constructed four #11 turnouts
  • Performed 90 field welds
  • Performed clearing and grubbing, grading, culvert construction and seeding
Union Pacific
Livonia, Louisiana
Provided By

RailWorks expanded storage capacity at Union Pacific 's Livonia (La.) Yard.

In this $1.1 million project, RailWorks constructed 27,000 track-feet of 136-lb. heat-hardened continuous-welded rail on wood ties, constructed four #11 turnouts and performed 90 field welds. The crew also performed clearing and grubbing, grading, culvert construction and seeding.

The 2 1/2 month effort expanded Livonia Yard, enhancing efficiency by increasing railcar storage for clients.

UP provided all materials. RailWorks, working as a subcontractor to Gaines Civil Construction, provided labor and equipment for track construction.