Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) Signaling Project

Project Highlights

  • Complex 6.4 km long rail network of approach tracks and interlockings
  • Over 250 switch machines
  • Over 180 signals (signal bridges, cantilevers and masts)
  • 40 km of circuited track
  • USRC train shed of 30,000 sq. meters (320,000 sq. feet) with 23 platforms
Toronto, Ontario
Provided By
PNR Railworks

Union Station in Toronto is the largest and busiest rail passenger facility in Canada, functioning as a transportation hub for passenger, commuter and freight trains. The station is connected to the subway and streetcar system of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). In summer of 2018, approximately 300,000 travelers passed through Union Station every day.

PNR RailWorks’ Signals & Communications Division (PNR S&C) is performing, in joint venture with Alstom Transport Canada Inc. (Alstom), the six-year Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) Signaling project. Scope of deliveries includes replacement, with modern, state-of-the-art equipment, of all signals, track circuits and cables in the USRC, as well as the installation, testing and commissioning of all new solid state interlockings and control equipment.

With the new signal system, which replaces the vintage 1920s’ system in use around Union Station, Metrolinx (Owner of the USRC Project) will be controlling, via a high-tech Central Control System, all train operations. The new system will be capable of handling ridership volumes and service patterns for the next 30 years.

Project Scope

  • Manufacturing, supply & installation of 10 fully wired signal and of 10 fully wired power bungalows
  • Construction of concrete foundations for all signal bridges and bungalows
  • Fabrication, supply and installation of 8 new bridges, 8 new cantilevers and 20 masts
  • Upgrade of >250 existing switch clearing devices; supply & installation of 50 new ones
  • Testing & commissioning (incl. FAT) of all supplied systems
  • All civil and field work (incl. all cable laying and building of cable containments)

Unique Features

• High-risk project for regular safe operations of on-site work due to 24/7, non-stop passing of trains from CP, CN, UPE, VIA Rail, Amtrak and GO Transit
• Supply of an oversized signal bridge (>40 m) spanning over 9 railway tracks