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RailWorks Commits to Holistic Safety for Construction Safety Week


From May 3-7, RailWorks will reinforce our commitment to safety by participating in the industry-wide Construction Safety Week.

Construction Safety Week is held annually in the U.S. and Canada to inspire construction industry workers to become leaders in safety. This year’s Safety Week theme of Committed to Holistic Safety encourages teams to prioritize mental safety as much as physical, so employees can bring their safest, most productive selves to work each day.

“Each year, we take the opportunity to strengthen RailWorks’ safety culture during Construction Safety Week,” said Greg Coleman, RailWorks HSE Director. “RailWorks management also focuses on connecting with the workforce and emphasizing key safety messages throughout the company. This year’s topic of Holistic Safety is especially important after a year that has highlighted the importance of a strong safety culture.”

During Safety Week, RailWorks offices and job sites will carry out the theme by holding daily Toolbox Talks focused on specific safety messages, from Situational Awareness to Material Handling and more. Employees will also be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to RailWorks’ safety mission.