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RailWorks Employees Save Team Member’s Life


Quick thinking and safety preparedness allowed two RailWorks employees to save a team member’s life.  

On Oct. 15, a RailWorks Track Inspector suffered a sudden medical crisis while parked in a hi-rail vehicle outside of RailWorks’ Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) project building in Southern California. RailWorks Track Laborer Jacob Vazquez noticed the unconscious team member and sprang into action following the company’s safety protocols.

Vazquez immediately contacted Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and enlisted help from onsite HSE Manager Barry McGauley. McGauley, who is trained in CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use, treated the unresponsive employee and helped him regain consciousness before EMS arrived. Once EMS arrived, they safely transported the team member to the hospital for recovery. He has since been released and is looking forward to returning to work.

On Oct. 27, RailWorks leaders honored Vazquez and McGauley with awards recognizing their achievement and commitment to safety.

“The quick thinking and swift actions from RailWorks employees to assist their team demonstrates the value RailWorks places on safety,” said Eric Goetschel, Vice President of Operations at RailWorks. “These are scenarios we hope will never happen, but we ensure every team member is thoroughly prepared for all unexpected safety events. Following RailWorks’ safety protocols and training helped save a life.”

Learn more about RailWorks’ commitment to safety here.

Photo from left to right: Eric Goetschel, Vice President of Operations; Barry McGauley, HSE Manager; Nigel Brewster, Track Inspector; Jacob Vazquez, Track Laborer; Greg Coleman, Corporate Director, HSE