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RailWorks Recognizes 2020 Drivers of the Year


At RailWorks, we recognize employees who make a difference, especially those dedicated to health and safety. We’re proud to announce the 2020 Drivers of the Year who exhibited exceptional safety practices on and off the road last year.

RailWorks’ Driver of the Year is Jim Barnes, who has been with the organization for five years. In 2020, he drove over 37,000 miles to various projects, traveling with a full crew and tool trailer. His reliable driving has earned him the trust of his teammates when transporting them to and from job sites.

PNR RailWorks’ Driver of the Year is Willy Loewen, who drove the most miles in all the RailWorks companies in 2020, clocking over 80,000 miles traveled. Loewen is the longest tenured employee in the entire PNR RailWorks organization, having been with the company since 1982! He uses his experience and leadership to train drivers within the organization.

“We’ve seen a steady decline in our motor vehicle incidents, and that’s a testament to the commitment our drivers have to operating safely on and off the road,” said Bryce Peterson, RailWorks Director of Fleet and Equipment.

Congratulations to both team members on this incredible safety accomplishment!

Learn more about RailWorks’ commitment to safety here.