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Transit Maintenance of Way

Comprehensive services to create more efficient and reliable public transit systems.
Transit Maintenance of Way
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Transit track managers know that a lot goes into operating and maintaining transit systems. That’s why they trust RailWorks Maintenance of Way (MOW) to provide comprehensive services for a more efficient and reliable system. The services offered are all designed especially for transit agencies, including those with demanding operating needs and high levels of ridership.

Whatever your operating needs are, the RailWorks team is ready to help you meet them.  Our specialists provide the resources, expertise and standard of quality necessary to builds safe and effective transit systems. Trust RailWorks for:


  • Field welding
  • Track geometry testing
  • Undercutting services
  • Rail grinding
Transit Maintenance of Way
Transit Maintenance of Way

Our Maintenance of Way Leadership

Jay Gowan
Jay Gowan
Senior Vice President, Regional Operations
Jason Deaton
Jason Deaton
Vice President, RailWorks Maintenance of Way


Since day one, safety has been our top priority. Our work is defined by our commitment to the wellbeing of our contractors and passengers.


What makes a transit system “good?” We think it starts with reliability and consistency. When transit authorities partner with RailWorks, they partner with a team of experts who understand how to optimize their system. The result: service all of your passengers will appreciate.


Transit systems can be among the most complex of their kind, and often demand team work in dense metropolitan areas, where navigating existing infrastructure can be a daunting task. RailWorks has a career of experience working in this setting, which makes us a top choice of transit authorities across North America.