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Helping you get the most out of your track is what we do. RailWorks offers a range of maintenance-of-way (MOW) services that work around your busy railway operations and are customized to your needs. Delivered through our industry-leading experts, these are trusted turnkey solutions for clients who demand comprehensive care at the highest standard. 

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RailWorks uses high-production steel and tie gangs to efficiently complete larger-scale rehabilitation and new railroad construction projects. Our teams work closely with operating railroads, so we can do great work without slowing down your operations.


To meet work deadlines, our steel, rail and tie gangs know when to work independently or in tandem, and are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment so they can work more efficiently than ever before.

Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad
Near California-Oregon border

Our experienced crews work jointly with Class I and regional railroad engineering and maintenance crews to perform combination (thermite and electric) field construction and repair welding services, as well as utility switch grinding.


Our track welding services can be built around tight work windows and train operations, so you can maintain efficient operations even when service is underway.

BNSF Welding
Chicago, Illinois

We use data to identify track geometry issues, so you can take action before they result in disruptions or delays. Powerful software allows our technicians to monitor risks in real-time, while vehicle platform options adapt to your rail environment and provide the flexibility your system demands.


If an issue is found, it’s automatically marked via GPS, so you’re never left guessing about where repairs or modifications should start. This makes for an easier track management experience across the board.

Track Geometry Testing

Undercutting services from RailWorks help ensure effective track drainage and a strong structural foundation, as well as proper track geometry. Our dedicated crew has decades of experience providing efficient undercutting services and is aided by a powerful computerized system that separates usable and unusable ballast and returns usable material back to the track.


This combination of experienced crews and cutting-edge technology allows the RailWorks team to be exceedingly efficient while still cost-effective. So, you can be confident you’ll make your deadlines — and your budget, too.

CN Undercutting

Equipped with technology from equipment leader Harsco Rail, RailWorks provides turnkey switch and crossing rail grinding services. With the help of our experienced team, you can increase the life of your rail systems, improve their reliability and maximize the efficiency of your entire rail system.

Rail Grinding

Maintenance of Way Projects

Our MOW Leadership

R.T. Swindall
Vice President, Railworks Maintenance of Way


Whether it’s protecting our people or protecting the environment, we don’t compromise. Find out how RailWorks is committed to a safer workplace and more sustainable business.


Unlocking efficiency, cutting costs and providing reliable service all starts with better tools. RailWorks takes advantage of the industry’s most advanced technology, so you get the best possible service every time.


We have more experience than anyone else when it comes to constructing, servicing and maintaining rail infrastructure, so we won’t have to play catch-up to understand the unique needs of your system. With RailWorks, we’re ready to go from day 1.